topcrownbtc.co.uk is a business unit of crown Barclay capital which has been established since 1988 which was originally named crown enterprise. and in 2013 merged with the company and transformed Barclay turned into crown Barclay. Barclay is currently concentrating on the capital fund and asset management business as well as the hotel in which we currently already have 131 hotels spread over 88 cities across Europe.
Barclay crown limited at this time to develop a business in the field of cryptocurrency where we’re currently conducting a large scale mining on Bitcoin where we currently have 22044 Power TH / s and we will develop to be able to maximize revenue on cryptocurrency. we have great expectations with the addition of your investment funds will maximize the performance of companies in the mining and generate more bitcoin

Barclay Company Growth (In Million)

  • Revenue
  • Target
Hotel & Condotel
Cryptocurrency Mining
Distribution & logistic
Crypto & Forex Trading

Our Business Plan


Min $10 Max $99
Daily Profit 1.5% Per Day Untill 100 Days
ROI 150%


Min $1010 Max $5.000
Daily Profit 2.2 % Per Day Untill 100 Days
ROI 220%


Min $110 Max $500
Daily Profit 1.7 % Per Day Untill 100 Days
ROI 170%


Min $5.010 Max $10.000
Daily Profit 2.5% Per Day Untill 100 Days
ROI 250%


Min $510Max $1000
Daily Profit 2% Per Day Untill 100 Days
ROI 200%


Min $10.010 Max $100.000
Daily Profit 3 % Per Day Untill 100 Days
ROI 300%

Call Us Now +4403450 455 218
Emal Us cs@topcrownbtc.co.uk
Our Legal Document 8432650.

List of qualifying participants to london

Loraine Nevonga (dqueena)

Iswan  Deposu (muwano219)

Oniara  Diora (myabuja)

 Chriz de Garcia (garcia100)

 Jesus pareira (depareira)

 Daniel Hores (putakon)

Helen citabelle (princess007)

 Marcio Faraz (cio77)

Harrys P Winner (winsitoruser)

Susanto irwan ( parlente)

Parulian Johan (johan_jkt)

hendri armanto (arema)

  Stevan Jesvit (darktoronto)

  shasha deveraux (devx888)

  Ahmed sukur  (yasukur)

   Damien Oswald (oswalder)

   oscar lyndon (nooplyn)

   michael jared (dragondota)

   christine shane (pinkshine10)

   Richard Liardon (deliard)